Friday, January 11, 2008

Leaning Tower of Double Cheese

The Boy and I have a Thursday night ritual. We put the baby to bed, order pizza, crack open a bottle of wine, and watch the Thursday night lineup on NBC.

You see where this is going. For some reason, I am able to put away legendary amounts of pizza. Which is not good for the ol' waistline.

But last night I attempted to be good; I'm just not sure how successful I was. First, I refused to have pepperoni (this is a big step for me. I love pepperoni). The place we order from has a great veggie pizza, so I got that. The Boy ordered two mediums, and I ate--please don't freak out--five pieces of mine. In my defense, a piece of a medium pizza is pretty small. But still. I know I overdid it.

But at least it wasn't pepperoni, right?

I had kind of decided that, as a reward for being good, I would go someplace like the Body Shop this weekend and buy myself some pretty-smelling shower gel for my gym bag. But after the pizza, I don't know. Do I deserve a reward? I worked out 5 days this week. I think that overshadows last night's food transgression.

What do YOU think?


Electric Mayhem said...

Well, not to enable you, but it was veggie. And five days of working out is impressive. And it's not like you're rewarding yourself with MORE food.

VenetianBlond said...

I think yes, you deserve the reward. Particularly if you can turn it around and get back into the good habits for the next week. A wellness U-turn, if you will. If you beat yourself up for every little indiscretion, you'll just feel bummed out. So be happy! Weeks of good habits definitely cancel out what minimal damage an extra piece of pizza would do. And do an extra push-up! That would feel good, wouldn't it!? Love ya!

Eli said...

What I learned from ye 'ole WW is that if you don't ever reward yourself you will never have any motivation. You have to know and recognize when you've done something good. And you've committed yourself to working out more days a week than I can even think about! So, get yummy shower gel and enjoy your showers lady! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Think of it more as a bribe. If it goes in your gym bag you can only use it if you work out!