Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Brat with the Stats

Bust Jan 16: 41.25 in
Bust Feb 6: 40.25 in
Inches lost: 1.0

Waist Jan 16: 35.5 in
Waist Feb 6: 33.25 in
Inches lost: 2.25

Hips Jan 16: 46 in
Hips Feb 6: 44.25 in
Inches lost: 1.75

Body fat Jan 7: 31.6%
Body fat Feb 6: 28.4%
Body fat lost: 3.2%

Weight Jan 7: 185 lbs
Weight Feb 6: 175.6 lbs
Weight lost: 9.4 lbs

Pairs of awesome pants that fit Jan 7: 0
Pairs of awesome pants that fit Feb 6: 3
Pairs of awesome pants to go: 1*

*The holy grail of awesome pants: Size 8 tall boot-cut button-fly no-stretch Gap jeans in which I look like a total goddess. I haven't fit into them since about 2002. But I will wear them once again. Oh yes, I will wear them once again. And the world will marvel at my gorgeousness.


VenetianBlond said...

Will you be charging admission, or will we little people be able to worship your godessness with no press passes?

Your progress is amazing. :o)

Sis said...

I'm predicting jeans by Easter at this rate!