Monday, March 24, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I must apologize to you, Dear Readers, for my silence of more than a week. What a week it's been. You'll notice, if you look at the Progress column to the left, that I am now down a total of 20 pounds. Or rather, I was last week. If I haven't gained at least a pound this week, I'll change my name to Clement Q. Finkelmeyer and start a pig farm in Alabama.

To begin with, work is--and I know I sound like a broken record here--totally crazy. So, not much time to go to the gym. Only made it there about 3 times this week. Then there was the trip to the pediatrician for the Cricket's 9-month checkup. Turned out that not only had she not gained weight since her 6-month checkup, she had lost about 6 ounces. Not good. Momma's the one who is supposed to be losing weight, not baby.

It's odd--my instinct is to consume more fat and calories myself, almost as if I can make up for her weight loss by stopping my own. So between that and work, I haven't eaten particularly well this week.

We're starting by making sure the Cricket gets more calories, then she'll go back in in a month so the doctor can check her progress. But since I couldn't wait that long to see if our efforts were paying off, I bought a good-quality digital scale this weekend (according to which, she is already gaining weight. Yay!). The other cool thing about this scale is that it measures body-fat percentage. I still intend to track my progress by using the scale and body fat monitor at the gym once a week (for the sake of consistency), but it's nice to know I can check it intermittently at home. More incentive.

So. That's me in a nutshell. I'm going to try to be good this week and get back down to 165. Wish me luck!


VenetianBlond said...

Welcome back! That's too bad about Cricket. I can hear my Grandmother now..."Bless its little heart.."
But the silver lining is that feeding her more will force you to sit still and relax more!! :o)

Anonymous said...

You lost 5 pounds over Easter week??

Heathen! ;-)

Glad to hear things are still on track for you and I hope Cricket plumps up soon.

How are those jeans coming? You must be practically there!