Monday, May 18, 2009

This time she means it.

No, I really do. It's getting ridiculous. I've been hovering around 160 (give or take a couple pounds) and 23% (give or take a couple points of body fat) for months now. I got myself into this fitness challenge at the gym. I'm exactly halfway through it--one more month to go--and I have nothing to show for it. It's time to buckle down.

Never mind that the weather here in Seattle is FINALLY getting warmer, which makes a gin and tonic or two on the back porch extra-super enjoyable, and I'm biking to work a lot, which means I SURELY deserve a chocolate chip cookie as a reward. Or eight. The problem isn't working out (it never is for me); it's not eating like a half-starved, chocolate-craving wildebeest.

So I'm back to the embarrassment factor. Nothing else seems to work. Hence my first blog entry in two months. For the next four weeks, I vow to do the following:

1. Eat a good breakfast every morning.
2. Coffee only--no lattes or mochas.
3. Salads or Lean Cuisine for lunch.
4. High fiber, high protein, low fat dinners.
5. Dessert on weekends only.
6. Alcohol on weekends only.

Mmmmkay? Got that, world? I'll report, but feel free to ask me about it, too. Like I said, the way my brain is built, the thought of having to report chocolate cake consumption on my blog/Facebook page, is a highly motivational reason not to do it.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Random thought -

What about switching up your lunch and dinner? Just because of schedules and having to chase da Boog around at night, I'm finding I eat a lot at work, but then get home and only have a light snack instead of a full dinner.

It's healthier for me to frontload my eating, as I'm not supposed to eat before bed (reflux), plus nighttime is when my snack-monster attacks and if I'm already full and have told myself I'm "done" for the day - then it's easier to battle him.

Just a random thought.

Hope all is well!


Shan said...

How's it going these days? I'm fighting EXACTLY the same battle--even with the same numbers (hovering around 160) and weaknesses (love those mochas...why eat 1 cookie when you COULD eat 8, etc...) I've finally hit the point where I KNOW that I no longer look skinny any more and I don't like it. I'm sending you good thoughts and wishing us both great success in getting back to where we feel like the skinny people we really are inside!

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