Friday, January 4, 2008

A cow says what?


Planned number of pieces of pizza consumed: 2
Actual pieces of pizza (blotted with paper towels first) consumed: 3
Planned number of glasses of red wine drunk: 1
Actual glasses of red wine drunk: 2
Pieces of chocolate (size of Hershey's kiss) consumed: 3
Packages of Reindeer Corn consumed: 1
Mom's Christmas cookies consumed: 3
Minutes spent working out: 0
Promises from gym rep to call and assign trainer: 1
Actual calls from gym rep to assign trainer: 0
Minutes spent turning sideways in mirror and sucking in gut in fit of nostalgia for long-lost six-pack abs: 4 (est.)
Hours spent PMSing: 24


1 comment:

VenetianBlond said...

Oh man, the sweets! Killers! But don't beat yourself up! Just do what you plan to do tomorrow! Or climb an extra set of stairs! You can beat the power of the sucrose!