Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mixed Blessings

I met with Angela the trainer today. We did my weight, body fat, and all my measurements again. The big news is that, while I've only lost .8 pounds in the past month, I lost 1% of my body fat. She was practically jumping up and down. I went from 31.7% (which is on the cusp of "obese") to 30.6%, which is well within the "normal" range. She wants to get me down to 25%, which is on the cusp of "athletic."

Anyway, last time I saw her, Angela asked me to keep a list of everything I ate and bring it with me, which I did. As I did bench presses, she perused my list, then said with a smile, "I'm going to tell you something, and it's going to sound like an insult, but I really mean it as a compliment. I don't know how you lost 1% body fat eating like this." I laughed so hard I had to put down the dumbbells I was holding.

She does have a point. I really have made very little attempt to curb my eating habits. And she also pointed out that if I made a couple of small changes, I could save myself about 200 calories a day, which translates into two more pounds lost per month.

So, my goals for this week (as dictated by Angela, which means I'll actually stick to them) are as follows:
1. No more lattes, just plain old coffee.
2. No more than one alcoholic drink per day.
3. Drink more water on the weekends.
4. Up the cardio from 15 minutes to 20.

So here we go! Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted.

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