Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Triumph in Tweed

Anyone who knows me would agree that I'm a clothes horse. So being too big for some of my own clothes really makes me sad. I've had three pairs of really cute pants hanging in the back of my closet ever since the Cricket was born--two 10s and a 12.

I don't know what possessed me, but this morning I brought them all out just to see what would happen. The last time I did this, I couldn't get a single pair past my thighs, let along buttoned and zipped.

But whaddya know? I managed to get all three of them up, and with a little sucking in, fastened. The two 10s would be impossible to sit down in, so I put them away to check again in another couple of weeks...but guess what I'm wearing to work today? This darling pair of size-12 Victoria's Secret brown tweed trousers.

Another little triumph.

And speaking of triumphs, last night I made fajitas with multi-grain, low-carb tortillas, low-fat cheese, and veggies sauteed without oil (I have a really good non-stick skillet). I did put some beef in there (The Boy insisted), but it was grilled, and I put very little in mine. No dessert, but I did have a couple glasses of wine. I've got to try to cut down on that. Overall, though, I think I did pretty well!

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