Friday, February 29, 2008

No really, it's no problem.

So I think I've mentioned that things are pretty crazy at work. I haven't had to put in overtime (I'm not salaried, which means they have to pay me for any hours I work above 40), but I have brought work home nights and weekends when I've spent hours away from work for doctor's appointments or being sick.

Today, as usual, I got to the office at 8. I took half an hour for lunch. I was planning on leaving at 4:30 to go to the gym. Then a client needed something ASAP, which can't wait until Monday, and I have a pile of papers to proof that my senior editor is expecting Monday morning. It's either take it home for the weekend or stay here till it's done. And since I took work home LAST weekend (which prevented me from doing our taxes like I had planned), I decided I'm just going to stay.

What's really irritating about this is that I took the day off from the gym yesterday. I hadn't taken a day off from working out for more than a week, so I figured I was due. But I would never have done it if I had known today was going to turn out like this.

I suppose you could say two days in a row without working out shouldn't matter, but I'm terrified--TERRIFIED--of getting out of the habit. I can just see two days sliding into three days, morphing into four, and the next thing I know, I weigh 185 again and am throwing down pizza and ice cream like it's armageddon.

I had fish tacos for lunch. I could have had 200 calorie soup, but I felt like a treat--so I got myself some fish tacos, thinking, "It's okay, I'm going to the gym later." Now I'll have fish tacos on my ass.



VenetianBlond said...

You can do this---just turn it around when you can!

Anonymous said...

dee de dedle dedle de dee de dee (the sound of circus music)

Ah the juggling act - one at which we working mommies get very, VERY good.

You won't drop the ball - it's too precious to you. Hope you had a good weekend and made up for your missing workout.