Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Elmer Fudd's sexual fantasy? or a type-A woman with a penchant for candy bars?

The latter, actually. The Boy brought a box of Twix home from Costco the other day. I nearly freaked out when I saw it. I LOVE Twix.

In his defense, candy bars are usually an acceptable way for him to have sweets in the house without tempting me. I'm just not that into them. But Twix are a different story. He honestly thought I didn't like them, which is why he bought them.

So instead he tried to hide them. I found them in the first hiding place (by the colander, duh), and although I didn't partake, he decided to move them. Then he went on tour.

Last night, I just couldn't help myself. I prowled the kitchen looking for them, and found them in the cupboard over the stove. And then, because he is on the East Coast and not around to save me from myself, I ate one.

280 calories, just like that. It wasn't even worth it. I'd forgotten how sweet they are! Maybe tonight I'll lock them in the cellar or something.

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Anonymous said...

Ah well, noone's perfect.

Let's see - 280 calories, that's 2.8 miles with the jogging stroller. Out you go! ;-)