Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, for #@&%'s sake.

Yesterday's weigh-in: up .2 pounds, down .1% body fat. Boo.

I think I let myself get lulled into a false sense of security. At some point this week, I slipped into an alternate universe in which I could consume anything (Twix, alcohol, pizza, cheese) and still maintain this amazing weight-loss streak.

The problem was that, while my mind was tripping gaily through this alternate universe (which I'm pretty sure was carpeted with red tulips), my body was slogging through this one, and reacting as bodies normally react when one fills them full of highly-caloric crap.

Okay, lesson learned. Last night's dinner consisted of two bean burritos (whole grain wraps, low-fat cheese, nonfat sour cream, beans, corn, salsa, cilantro, and a teeny bit of avocado) and diet tonic water. No alcohol, no dessert.

We'll try this again on Thursday and see how it goes, hmm? And be angelic in the meantime. Now where's that halo...?


VenetianBlond said...

I just now got the Elmer Fudd joke--very funny. It's hard work, and you're doing great. But as you say, it's so hard to maintain such a streak. We all have bad days, bad weeks. Just enjoy those Twix while you have 'em and turn it around. If you're in constant deprivation, you won't be happy and you won't maintain it. You are a goddess already--remember that! I, um, overslept, and um, missed the gym entirely, ahem. But there's always tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

OK lady, it's Friday. Accountability police want to know how yesterday went. :-)