Monday, March 17, 2008

Episode 49, In Which Our Heroine Resolves to Be Angelic But Intstead Behaves Abominably

The title pretty much sums it up (I've been reading Jane Austen, can you tell?).

Friday I worked out for 1.5 hours, which felt great, and I did manage to run both Saturday and Sunday. Friday night I had a friend over for dinner (2 glasses of wine, but otherwise behaved myself). Saturday, I was good until dinner (do you see a pattern here?), when I had one of my low-fat, high-fiber burritos AND heaven knows how many tortilla chips with some leftover salsa con queso I found in the fridge, followed by a Weight Watcher's ice cream bar. Sunday, ditto, when dinner was frozen chicken empanadas, bread with olive oil, 2 glasses of wine, and another ice cream bar.

My triumph (thank heaven there is one) is finding myself in front of the cupboard where the Twix are "hidden," candy bar in hand, and making the conscious choice to put it back and leave it there and have a WW ice cream bar instead.

But still. I feel like I had the opportunity to be really good and put a dent in this plateau, and instead I have done very little to combat it. The Boy gets home tonight and will probably want to order pizza tomorrow.

It's all about the accountability. I would NEVER have eaten what I did this weekend if I knew Angela would be looking at my food list. I'm thinking about asking here if I can still give them to her--she wouldn't necessarily even have to read them; I just need to go through the motions of keeping track.

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VenetianBlond said...

If you are having trouble with your resolve at the end of a day--you're not eating enough during the day!! You must have fuel, and your body will make sure you get it! Eat! Eat a whole cucumber if you have to, but fill up! Otherwise, you find yourself talking to Twix bars! :o*