Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Under the Table and Dreaming

Well readers, I did it. I made it under my first weight goal. What's more, I did it at 5 in the afternoon--and I'm ALWAYS heavier in the afternoon.

The scale at the gym last night said 169. I had Angela teach me to use the body fat calculator, and that read 26.5 (if I'm remembering it right; I don't have my gym journal with me, but it was 26-point-something). This is good!

My next weight goal is 160, which is where I'd like to stay. We're going to Ohio in mid-April, so that will be my target time for my goal weight. Only 9 more pounds to go!

Clothing-wise--and I haven't said this out loud to anyone besides my trainer--I'd like to try to be in bikini shape by summer. It's not that I wear them a lot or we're going to Hawaii or anything; it's just that, when I was pregnant and started getting stretch marks, I kind of resigned myself to never wearing a bikini again. So I'd like to turn that around. There--now it's out there, and there's no rescinding it.

So let's review those goals, shall we?
1. Weigh 160 lbs by April 12.
2. Fit into goddess jeans.
3. Look good in a bikini.
4. Run a half marathon in 2 hours or less.

Goooooo TEAM!


VenetianBlond said...

You know what's really impressive to me is that body fat percentage. I mean yeah, one can lose bulk, but still be not quite fit. You are regaining that athlete's body, and that is way cool. Go Z, go Z, go Z, go Z...

Eli said...

You rock! Can I make 'Team Allison' t-shirts please? We'd make a fortune! Iron-ons are all the rage!