Friday, April 18, 2008


As you know, I was in Ohio last weekend for my Grandma's funeral. There was of course a lot of extended family there, most of whom I hadn't seen in four years (since I was last in Ohio, for my Grandpa's funeral). Even my immediate family (Mom, Dad, and brother) I hadn't seen since Christmas.

So it felt great when, as soon as we had a breather from the whirlwind of being picked up from the airport and deposited in our room, I finally got to hug my parents hello. The very first thing out of my dad's mouth when he hugged me was, "You look great, kid."

Allow me to translate from Dadspeak: "Zapatera, it is joyfully obvious to me that you have been working very hard on your diet and exercise. You have clearly achieved a large amount of weight loss, and what's more, you look fantastic for all your effort. I am so proud of you and all you've accomplished, and you should be very proud of yourself."

Mom chimed in in agreement (although she was a bit more eloquent about it). I thanked them, bragged that I'd lost 22 pounds since they last saw me, and told them I feel more like myself than I have in years, while they murmured more approval.

What was even better was that many of my relatives, none of whom has ever seen me at anything close to 185 lbs, commented on how good I looked and that I had clearly not retained any of my baby weight. Which says to me that not only do I look good for having had a baby, I just plain look GOOD.

Other developments: Between birthday money and a paycheck from some freelance work I did, I've collected enough to pay for another 6 sessions with Angela the Trainer. I spoke with her on the phone today and scheduled our first one for May 2. Woo-hoo! Away we go.


VenetianBlond said...

Congrats on both the discipline to keep the numbers going down but also to save that money! That's no small thing either. Have fun with Angela!

Anonymous said...

Glad its going well and its always nice to have positive reinforcement!