Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another few days like yesterday...

...and I'll be back up to 185 in no time. Okay, maybe not "in no time," but it wouldn't take too long.

The good news: I ran my usual 6-mile route in record time. Averaged 9:34 minutes per mile, despite rain for the first three miles and wind in my face for the last three. The advantage to running in bad weather (especially along the Seattle waterfront) is that one's route ceases to be littered with wandering tourists.

The bad news: um, everything else. For some reason I never got around to having breakfast (very unusual for me), which of course completely justified the large slice of chocolate cake I had at an office celebration at 11. Went out to lunch with a friend an hour later and didn't exactly eat like a bird, then managed to create a case of amnesia about the aforementioned cake so that, when The Boy emerged from the kitchen after dinner with a tub of Ben and Jerry's low-fat fro-yo, I felt positively blamless in partaking.

But wait! There's more. So then The Boy goes to bed, and, armed with a crossword puzzle and a sleeping household, I fetch from the back of the refrigerator about half a cup of chocolate chip cookie dough, which I happily consume. Happily, that is, until the last bite, when the amnesia inconveniently lifts and I realize I've finished my THIRD DESSERT of the day.

And I wonder why I've been the same weight for the past month.


Anonymous said...

Darling, it was so good of you to do my PMS eating for me! AF showed up this morning unexpectedly (19 day cycle???) and I hadn't had my chance to do the appropriate damage yet.

While I applaud your selflessness, it's not necessary. :-)

Back on the old waggon, you can do it!

Love, Sis

VenetianBlond said...

One day does not a waistline make--you can turn it around! And make sure you're eating enough good calories for all that running!

Anonymous said...

I totally hear you. Yesterday I was in the drive through at Starbucks to get a skinny iced chi latte, my usual before teaching class, and when they asked for my order for some reason I ordered a Mocha. Brain drain in the drive through.