Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cue "Rocky" theme music...

I did it. I achieved my weight goal. I now weigh less than 155 pounds, which means that in the past 6 months, I've lost 30 pounds.

The timing is perfect--a year and a week after giving birth, I have lost all the weight I wanted to. And right before the half marathon: less weight to carry for 13 miles!

I was pretty sure I had done it, but I haven't been to the gym in about a week because I'm tapering. It's the gym scale that I go by--not because I think it's the most accurate, but because it's the one I started keeping track on way back in January. So I knew that if the gym scale said 155, I'd know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I had achieved my weight goal.

I stepped off the scale yesterday beaming, and wrote a note to put in my trainer's mailbox. I was practically bouncing up and down.

I called The Boy on my way home to tell him, and he had a bottle of champagne ready when I got home. He even called a couple people to brag.

So, I say "woo-hoo!" all around!


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!!!!!!



Randi said...

Congratulations skinny mommy! You must feel SOOOO good! Not only "good" healthy, but "so good because I'm so proud of myself" good!


Eli said...

YOU RULE!!! Yeehaw as they say here in Texas. You are my hero and I am so incredibly proud of you! I love you, miss you and all of that other stuff...

VenetianBlond said...

You are the bomb!

Anonymous said...

...and brag he did. Yes, according to the boy, you have "literally" worked your butt off.

congradulations and see you soon!