Monday, August 4, 2008

Fat Takes a Holiday

Yeah, don't get all excited. It's not true. I took a holiday, but--the shock!--the scale didn't.

I took a three-day weekend to fly to Madison for my cousin Todd's wedding. He asked me to sing, and since he's more like a brother than a cousin, there was no way I would miss it (and I'm glad I didn't; it was just perfect, and his new wife is a wonderful addition to our family).

Unfortunately the Boy and the Cricket had to stay home (couldn't afford another plane ticket, plus didn't want to subject the poor tyke to yet another cross-country plane ride so soon after the last one), which resulted in my first-ever nights away from her. I was all excited to sleep in and woke up at 6:15 both mornings. As Robbie Burns said, the best laid plans...

But I digress. My point is that, because it was such a short trip, I didn't check any baggage, and there was no room in my roll-aboard for my running shoes and other gear. Meanwhile I was at a wedding, with all the attendant rich food, cake, and champagne. All of which resulted in the proverbial perfect storm of scale slippage.

But I'm determined to get back on the wagon. I've decided not to drink any alcohol until this weekend, and to work out at least four of the five days this week. Tomorrow I have a lunch date with a coworker, at which I will order salad (I solemnly swear, and will blog tomorrow to let you know); lunches the rest of the week will consist of Luna bars.

I'll check in a week from today with the gym scale and see how it went. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Don't kick yourself too hard. Slips happen, just gotta get back on the wagon, as you said. Don't go vaulting over the horse or you'll end up bruised.

(code for - luna bars are not "food" they are "product" - go eat something real, you'll feel better).


VenetianBlond said...

Yes, EAT! It's like holding your breath--eventually you have to give in. Eat, and eat lots of good food. It's summertime, fruits and veggies, man!