Monday, November 17, 2008

SkinnyMommy Resolves

Today was my last training session with Madison. I have to say I kind of blew it (just look at "Progress" on the left). But first, some background information...

I was a single mom this weekend. The Boy was in California on tour. This is usually not a problem...but for some reason, the Cricket has been really fussy lately. She could be getting molars. She could be hitting a growth spurt. She could just be frustrated that her motor skills and vocabulary have not yet caught up with her will. Whatever the cause, she really challenged her mommy this weekend.

And what was her mommy's reward for the end of a day of being climbed and cried on? "I've earned a drink! And dessert! And Camembert!" All of which translated into less-than-impressive numbers, which really sucked, because we also did my measurements today. I was very disappointed with myself.

Now, on to the title of this entry. As part of my gym membership, I get a free "maintenance session" with my trainer every month. I'm supposed to call Madison on the 10th of December to set something up for the following week.

So here's the deal, you guys. I'm saying this in front of God and everybody: regardless of the fact that this appointment will be smack in the middle of a holiday season, I resolve that, when Madison takes my stats, they will be as follows:
Weight: 157 or less
BF%: 22.5 or less

Did everybody hear that? Now start holding me to it!

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VenetianBlond said...

I'm with you, hon. I came back from Hawaii 5 pounds heavier. I must have ingested mass quantities because we swam/walked every single day! I saw a great list at my gym for holiday resolutions:
1) watch portions
2) relax (to avoid stress eating)
3) stay active
Good way to break down the goal, IMHO.