Friday, May 9, 2008

All Aboard...

So, I've *officially* started training for the half marathon. A friend turned me on to Hal Higdon's web site, which has the intermediate training program for a half marathon that I'm using (and desperately needs a good editor, but I digress). Between that and this really great mapping tool you can use to map any run and know exactly how long it is (and even get an elevation chart!), I'm pretty much set.

The only problem is, I'd forgotten what a HUGE time commitment it is to train for a long race! And last time I did this, I didn't have a child. On weekdays, I'm accustomed to doing my cardio--usually about 20 minutes, or 2 miles on the treadmill--then going through my weight-training circuit twice. By the time I get a shower, I can leave the gym about 6, and get home to my family at about 6:15.

But on Thursday (my second official day of training), my assignment was to run 3 "easy" miles. By the time I did that and two weight circuits, it was 6:10--and I didn't even get a shower! I called The Boy to say I was on my way home and he said, "You're just now leaving the gym?" He was a very good sport about it, but still. What will I do when the weekday runs are 4 and 5 miles?

I suppose I could modify my weight workouts--maybe do one ciruit with 30 reps in a set instead of 15 or 20--or skip them altogether on days with really long runs--but I don't want to sacrifice them too much.

This time around, I'm meeting with Angela every two weeks (instead of once a week), so I won't see her again until the 19th. I suppose it won't hurt to try the modifications until then, then ask her about it when I see her and find out whether I'm doing the right thing.

All I know is, I'm just determined to hit that 2-hour mark for the half. I know I can do it...but it's gonna take work, which will take TIME.

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Anonymous said...

You've just hit on why I can only train/do 5K's (LOL!)

I will never understand where some people find all this extra time. They must not sleep...