Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Golden Client

So, get a load of this.

Yesterday I'm warming up on the treadmill at the gym, waiting for my appointment with Angela to start. Angela bops up behind me and says, "I brought you a present!" Turns out the "present" is Madison, one of the newer trainers who is learning the trade. Angela's boss wanted Madison to shadow us because I'm "pretty much the perfect client." That is, I do what my trainer tells me to do, and it gets results--that, and I have really good form on my weight routines.

Madison is a darling twelve-year-old (okay, she's not twelve, but she's QUITE a bit younger than I am) who has just completed her first half-marathon and is training for a full, so we chat a lot about running.

About halfway through our session, as Angela is showing me a variation on a dead lift, a third trainer--whose name is, I think, Jordan--comes up to us and says to me, "You seem slimmer. Are you slimmer?" I beam, "Why yes I am!" Angela interjects, "Tell him how MUCH slimmer." "Twenty-seven pounds!"

"Nice!" says Jordan. "You were in the other day wearing something different" [author's note: I got a rad new orange slinglet that totally shows off my triceps] "and I just thought, wow, she looks really good."

I thank him as he walks away, then turn back to Angela and Madison to find them grinning like loons. Angela says, sotto voce, "All the trainers wish you were their client." "But I'm NOT!" I crow, "I'm YOURS!"

"I KNOW!" Angela cackles triumphantly.


VenetianBlond said...

That's AWEsome.

Anonymous said...

Wow - can Angela come live at my house? :-)

Good job that you two are such a great team!