Friday, August 8, 2008


So yesterday I discovered (please try to contain your surprise; I myself was shocked) that there are some things I just can't do.

For example, it turns out I cannot run two miles with a 20-pound pack on my back. Well, that's not exactly true: I can, but not without painful consequences for my left knee.

Before you begin circulating a petition to have me sent to the funny farm, allow me to explain. Yesterday The Boy had a whole bunch of errands to run--too many to run with the Cricket. And since I was tired of going to the gym, I decided to come straight home after work so that he could run errands. I thought I might then strap the Cricket into the jogging stroller and get my workout that way.

Instead, I decided to try an idea I have long been tossing around: I ran home from work. Since I had my gym clothes with me, it was relatively easy to accomplish; I merely changed at work, strapped my street clothes and purse securely onto my back, and hopped a bus halfway home (I wanted to do only half of the commute the first time, just to see how it would go).

It went just fine. I got a great workout, arrived home in time for The Boy to run his errands, and didn't have to subject The Cricket to a long run at a potentially cranky time of day. But oh, my knee. It didn't start hurting (naturally) until I stopped running, and I did ice it, but it is now a good 18 hours later and I can still feel it. I can walk on it just fine, but the idea of running on it--backpack or no--is quite unpalatable.

I was talking to my boss, Sheri--who lives a few blocks away from me--about this recently, and she volunteered to take my pack home for me if I ever wanted to run home. Which is a very sweet offer, but I have this feeling that treating one's boss as a personal valet is pretty high on the list of workplace no-nos.

So I'll have to stick to the gym or running once I get home, which is fine. I'm just hoping my knee stops hurting soon.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch. Hope you're feeling better soon.

If not - you can pull up a chaise lounge next to me at the funny-farm spa and I'll have the cabana boy bring you a drink too.