Tuesday, September 2, 2008

...and away we go...

There was one day last week when the scale at the gym said an even 160. Not that I should be surprised: I ate out on every lunch break last week. And we're not talkin' salads. And although I've still been awfully worried about my best friend, the "I need comfort food" excuse only goes so far.

After all, what it comes down to is this: I simply cannot allow the hard work of the last eight months to simply disappear as if in a puff of smoke. I can't do it. I'm too fond of my new size 8 clothes.

So I finally broke down and made an appointment with a trainer at the gym. I had four sessions left over from my time with Angela, and since I know Madison is a runner (from the time she shadowed Angela during one of our sessions), I thought she would be a good choice--plus I really like her. Our first session is this Friday.

I chat with her almost every time I go to the gym, and recently I said something about needing accountability. She asked if I tracked my meals with Angela, and when I said yes, she handed me her business card and said that if I wanted to I could email her my meals every day. Hot damn. There's no turning back now. A completely new person to impress by not drinking too much and keeping the cookie consumption to a minimum: this is just what I need!

So, if you'll excuse me, I have an email to write. (Cheerios with skim milk, orange juice, coffee with Splenda...see? Better already!)

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