Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am embarrassed, therefore I am skinny.

If you'll look to the left, you'll see that I seem to be getting back on track. I was out of town over the weekend, and even though I didn't check any baggage, I packed my running gear in my carry-on (it's a good thing summertime clothes don't take up much room). So getting two three-mile runs over the weekend really seemed to help.

It also doesn't hurt that I know I'm being "watched," as it were, by Madison. For example, there are two brownies in my fridge left over from a batch The Boy surprised me with during my Really Bad Week last week. I saw them last night when I got home, and thought, "Mmm! Brownies!" And then thought, "I'll have to tell Madison I ate them." Ipso facto, they're still in my fridge.

Also, I find it really motivating to know that, during my first session with Madison on Friday, my weight will be recorded in a much more "official" manner than the way I have been doing it since I least met with Angela. So naturally, I'd like that number to be impressively low.

Amazing, the effect potential humiliation has on accountability.

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Anonymous said...

"Amazing, the effect potential humiliation has on accountability."

Amen sistah! :-)

Don't think that the prospect of running with (against?) you over Thanksgiving isn't motivating me at 5:00 am. LOL